As a business base and for the smooth transactions between FBS and you, we want you to read the following points:

Point 1

The bank account used on this website is only used for e-Currency transactions through the FBS-Nusantara website. All activities of using FBS-Nusantara account in addition to buying and selling e-currency is illegal. Report to Admin FBS-Nusantara if you find abuse of FBS-Nusantara account.

Point 2

FBS-Nusantara will process Buy and Sell e-Currency transactions within 24 Hours. Even if we are online, we will complete a Buy and Sell transaction in less than 30 minutes. But if there is a problem with the online banking system we use, please be patient as this is beyond our capabilities.

Point 3

All transactions for Sale and Purchase e-Currency are currently only served by Bank Mandiri, Bank Muamalat & Rabo Bank. Maybe the future will be added.

Point 4

FBS-Nusantara will return the Rupiah / E-Currency that has been sent to us if we can not settle the transaction for any reason, in accordance with the amount we received without increment or deduction as a form of compensation (except using other Banks, interbank).

Point 5

We do not serve transactions for the purpose of inappropriate or criminal acts, such as pornography sites, hacking, cracking, money laundering and other crimes.

Point 6

We reserve the right to obtain the identity (identity IC card / pasport / license driving) of the customer which will be used to verify your membership in FBS-Nusantara. We reserve the right not to verify your account and / or downgrade your FBS-Nusantara membership status to PENDINGVER / NOTVER / NOTAKTIF if the user provides invalid / true / valid data.

Point 7

In conducting transactions, whether selling or buying, the consumer is required to provide complete and clear information. If necessary, we reserve the right to obtain your transfer receipt. Minimum Selling / Buy transaction is the minimum amount of bank transfer (usually IDR 10,000).

Point 8

We reserve the right not to process incoming orders if the amount is not in accordance with the order on behalf of others (not in accordance with the order form). The funds will be refunded to the senders account according to the form of compensation (except using another Bank, will be charged for interbank transfers). Even if you fill the order form in FBS-Nusantara but if you do not receive our funds or do not go to FBS-Nusantara then we are entitled to NOT process your order. Order will only be processed IF your fund goes to FBS-Nusantara and according to the order form you fill in FBS-Nusantara.

Point 9

SELL transactions using other Banks (other than CIMB, MayBank, Mandiri, Muamalat & Rabo Bank) will be charged Rp 6,500 as administrative fee for interbank transfers.

Point 10

Losses caused by FBS-Nusantaras account number and account number of the account are FBS-Nusantara. Financial transactions are very personal transactions, so we advise to always keep all your financial data.

Point 11

We assume you agree with the above points if you trade and buy e-currency trading with FBS-Nusantara and the above points we can change (add / subtract) if indeed we feel the need.

Point 12

1. login account trading
2. withdrawal funds
3. pilih global trader
4. isi amount,jumlah wd dan ingat local exchangers mesti nama Global trader
5. comfirm withdrawal fund
6. Setelah berjaya WD maklumkan kepada kami beserta no trading akaun, server, investor pasword dan alamat email untuk tujuan pengesahan sumber dana
7. Hanya dana dari sumber local depositor akan diproses. Internal transfer akan diperiksa sumber dana tersebut sebelum diproses bagi mengelakkan manipulasi
**Bagi yang depositnya bercampur-campur kaedah deposit, iaitu dari sumber lain selain EXCHANGER DI ATAS, pembelian akan dibayar dengan harga tetap RM 3.70 perpoin. (walaupun ada percampuran serendah USD1)