Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

What is E-Currency/Kurensi in column registration FBS-Nusantara?

E-Currency/kurensi listed in column a new account registration FBS-Nusantara is the data kurensi that you are using for instance a particular brokerage or means of payment you use. The option Kurensi in the FBS-Nusantara Fasapay, & FBS. * Kurensi = the name of the type of account you use, the name of Kurensi = the name of the account, the account number Kurensi = account number.

Why is my account not verified (verified) and status still a pendinng?

The length of time the verification FBS-Nusantara 1-2 day (hours of work). If more than 2 days (weekdays) then please check your account information by logging in – click the DATA menu and select MEMBERS of the sub menu UPLOAD ID then look in the STATUS column and the DESCRIPTION. Note whether the ID that you upload already qualified or whether the completeness of your data are correct. If your account is already verified, then in the STATUS column is "accepted".

How to Transact in the FBS-Nusantara?

To Transact in the FBS-Nusantara, you must register to become a member in the FBS-Nusantara. If you have already registered to become a verified member, please fill out the order form that is already provided in the member's area.

After registration, members can conduct transactions?

You must upload the Identity and verified in advance in order to make a transaction in FBS-Nusantara.

How much is the minimum and maximum transaction?

Minimal transaction i.e. Rp 12,000 or nominal equivalent of $1 and there is no maximum limit transactions (depending the availability stock)

How long will my order be processed?

If Admin FBS-Nusantara are Online (subject to the hours of the transaction) and no problems with internet banking or E-Currency or web connection Admin then Our usual Transactions completed in less than 30 minutes after the confirmation you have to Transfer Funds and we have already received.

Can I use an account at a Bank different from that of FBS-Nusantara?

Can. To BUY transactions you can make payment by transfer via ATM Bersama, ATM Prima/e-banking and m-banking with the purpose of ANOTHER BANK. As for the sell transaction, we will charge the transfer of $ dipotongkan from the 6500 funds you withdraw.

Will my order yesterday still apply while my transfer plan today?

Every time you make an order, you must fill in the transaction form and get a different order number. The order number is valid for 1 day, which means the transfer can only be done on the same day.

Where can I get FBS-Nusantara bank account?

FBS-Nusantara Bank Data is deliberately NOT informed on the Website. Bank data can be seen in the Email and SMS Order Confirmation that you will get after you successfully fill the Order Form in Transaction menu.

Can I transfer using my wife's bank account?

Can not. If you transfer using a bank account that is not in the name registered in FBS-Nusantara and not in accordance with the order form, then the transaction can not be processed, and the funds will be refunded / refunded.

What is the nominal amount of funds I need to transfer?

Please transfer funds ACCORDING TO VALUE / NOMINAL listed in order confirmation email / sms.

How do I know if my order has been processed?

We will send a confirmation in the form of sms and email if your order has finished our process.